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Horse Hair & String Buffs

Horse Hair and String Buffs Horse Hair Wheel - For many years - before developing our present buffing system - we rubbed our turned wooden clocks with paste wax and buffed them with a horse hair wheel. This method produced an attractive sheen on the wood, though not the high polish obtainable with the Beall Wood Buffing System. We've decided to offer this 6" Horse Hair Wheel to those of you who prefer a softer shine or are fashioning particularly delicate work that you'd rather not submit to the buffing process. It is ideal for polishing paste wax and for accessing the nooks and crannies of more complicated carvings. Has a 3/4" hole and comes assembled with insert and 3/8" bolt so that it can be used with the Wood Buff Combination Adaptor.

String Buff - A recent find, this 7" buffing wheel employs (instead of multiple cloth discs), hundreds of cotton strings fixed in a wooden hub. It is just a little gentler than our standard buffs and less likely to produce ravelings and lint. It has a 3/4" hole for mounting on the Baldor™ or other buffing machine, but we also include an insert and 3/8" bolt so that you can use it with the Wood Buff Combination Adaptor.

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