The Beall Tool Company Established 1982
Clockwork No.2


J.R. Beall has been a fine woodworker for many years. He began building musical instruments in 1969, making more than 800 dulcimers, hammer dulcimers, guitars, harpsichords and more. He continued as a professional woodworker for many years, during which time he built clocks, furniture, giant wooden tools & wooden machinery. In 1982 he founded the Beall Tool Company, & holds several patents for woodworking tools he developed, including a wood threading device. The tool company occupies most of his time now, but he still does woodworking for fun. He loves the challenge involved in constructing complicated wooden mechanisms.

J.R. has always preferred to think of himself as a "wood mechanic" rather than an artist, but he has nevertheless won several awards for his work (including at least one for sculpture,) from prestigious art & craft shows.

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