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Gravity Escapement Clock

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The Gravity Escapement clock is an excellent time keeper since it is independent of variations in power. This one also uses a constant torque spring motor which is just barely strong enough to run it. This is a standard double, three arm escapement copied from a picture. I had no measurements or other information than the picture but the clock, when assembled, ran immediately with almost no adjustment. Due to the rapid rotation of the escape unit, 2.5 per minute, it requires a lot of speed reduction to get even a 30 hour clock. The compound pendulum gives a 4 second period which helps with speed reduction but makes adjustment very sensitive.

In this latest experiment I have used lignum vitae bushings with .0625 steel pivots set in the ends of the wood arbors. All except for the pendulum and the great wheel which use 1/4 ball bearings. I like this clock pretty well and enjoy watching its noisy action.

© 2006 J.R. Beall