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Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamond Sharpening StonesYour new Turning Scrapers will require occasional sharpening and these diamond hones from DMT will perform that task beautifully. We have used them successfully in our shop for many years: they are fast cutting and do an excellent job on high-speed steel. The medium Diamond Pocket Whetstone and the larger Bench version are fine general purpose hones that come with their own storage containers: the first has a leather case, the second, a handsome wooden one. The round, tapered Diafold File is just right for touching up the interior edge of beading bits, a job that's hard to accomplish any other way; when you are finished using it, the Diafold collapses neatly into its own handle. (We suggest using these stones with a small amount of water so that they won't become clogged with residue.)

Diafold Diamond File Add to Cart $29.95
Diamond Pocket Whetstone with Leather Case Add to Cart $26.90
Diamond Bench Whetstone with Wooden Case Add to Cart $59.90
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