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Norton Sandpaper

Norton Sandpaper Not long ago we ran out of the 220 garnet sandpaper we generally use in the shop and decided to try, in its place, some sample paper that we had picked up at a recent trade show. We were amazed: never had we used sandpaper which cut so fast or lasted so long. It made sanding, never one of our favorite tasks, a positive joy: and we set out for our local "big box" store in search of more. Its price- at $4.00 for three sheets- was more than we had ever paid for sandpaper, but we were so impressed with the quality that we bought it anyhow, resolving at the same time to add it to our catalog and (hopefully) make it available to our customers at a better price.

The manufacturer, we discovered, was Norton, one of two sandpaper makers left in North America. When we contacted them, we were told that the sandpaper we were seeking was a new, patented product but that a differently colored industrial version was available that we could carry. The Norton people were helpful and easy to work with and we are now a distributor of their coated abrasives. The paper we are offering here is No-Fil Magnum A275™. Its heat-treated aluminum oxide grains are bonded to a strong, but flexible paper backing, then coated to prevent loading. The paper is un-dyed which allows the abrasive grains to better adhere to it and also eliminates the possibility that any color will be transferred to the work. In addition to cutting up to three times faster and lasting nearly three times longer than garden variety paper, it is also waterproof. Even though you may not do much wet sanding with 80 grit, you can be assured that your paper will not curl up in the humid days of summer. Best of all, you can purchase the sandpaper from us for much less than you would pay for it at the "big box."

Starter Pack (eighteen sheets, two of each grit) Add to Cart $31.00
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