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The Woodworker's Wall Chart

The Woodworker's Wall Chart J.R. has relied for years on a machinist's wall chart that hangs over the workbench in his shop. Since he is, after all, a woodworker, he undertook the design of a new version of the chart which would be as useful to woodworkers as the original item has been to machinists. Our new Woodworker's Wall Chart is covered with essential information and will relieve you of the trouble of remembering, looking up, or (worse) guessing decimal equivalents, drill sizes, polygon angles and many other obscure (but necessary) tidbits of knowledge. Furthermore, the Wall Chart is a functional shop decoration which will inform visitors that you work to very fine tolerances and are not to be trifled with where accuracy and detail are concerned. Once you have installed this fine chart in your work space, you will be unable to understand how you ever got along without it. 23" x 34", on heavy, glossy paper.

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