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Pen Wizard Cutting Bits

If you own a Dremel™ or a Proxxon™ Tool, you will require 1/8" shank bits and all of these carbide ones will fit the bill. Though Foredom™ Tools have 1/4" collets, giving you a much larger selection to choose from, you may still be interested in some of these harder-to-find specialty bits. . .

Lathe Wizard BitsBall-end and Square-end Mills are often difficult to find, so we offer them here in three different sizes. Ball-end bits make cuts with curved bottoms; square-end mills produce flat-bottomed cuts suitable for filling with inlay material.

1/16" Ball-end Mill Add to Cart $15.95
3/32" Ball-end Mill Add to Cart $15.95
1/8" Ball-end Mill Add to Cart $15.95
1/16" Square-end Mill Add to Cart $13.95
3/32" Square-end Mill Add to Cart $13.95
1/8" Square-end Mill Add to Cart $13.95

Lathe Wizard BitsEngraving Bit This 60 degree bit is useful for delicate work or checkering.

Engraving Bit Add to Cart $21.00

7 Bit Set. This kit consists of the seven bits we deem most essential: one each of the six Ball-end and Square-end Mills listed above & one Engraving Bit.

7 Bit Set Add to Cart $93.00

Lathe Wizard Bits* The Rope Twist Bit cuts a convex bead that resembles a rope pattern. We've had this very small bit made specifically for pen turners who own ornamental turning machines (like the Pen Wizard) which can mill spiral patterns.

Rope Twist Bit Add to Cart $36.00

Lathe Wizard BitsCore Box Bits. These custom bits from Whiteside Machine all have the proper sized shanks & are intended for occasions when you want a wider cut - 1/4" or 3/8".

1/4" Core Box Bit Add to Cart $27.00
3/8" Core Box Bit Add to Cart $27.00
Set of 2 Core Box Bits Add to Cart $44.00

*For pens I have made using this bit, I've set the Pen Wizard gear box to make 35 turns per inch. This looks about right to me, but other ratios can also be used. The diameter of the pen barrels should be about 9/16" to look like the pictured sample. After cutting, clean-up and sanding take a bit more time, but a nice effect can be achieved. - J.R. Beall

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